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Hey, here! Are you in need of a great dolly tripod? We have the best ones ever. Solid as a rock, made of aluminum and with adjustable positions and a carrying bag, they are firm, lightweight and easy to use.

Our page of dolly tripod listed under specified categories will assist you in buying the best ones that will not be heavy on your pocket and also serve you well. So, if you are ready to find a well functional one, scroll down.

Top Rated Dolly Tripod

Ravelli ATD Professional Tripod Dolly for Camera Photo Video

The Ravelli ATD Tripod Dolly is an excellent dolly for use with your professional camera and video tripods, light stands, and background stands.
The most important feature of a good dolly is good wheels.

Product Ratings
  • “The wheel moves very smoothly, it also has lock function to lock wheels.” – SunMee Park
  • “If you have a smooth surface to roll the dolly on, the shots are great.” – Gregory Forest
  • “Have fun and get some great photos and videos with this tripod dolly!” – Nez

Dolica LT-D100 Professional Lightweight and Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly with Adjustable Leg Mounts

The Dolica LT-D100 is professional lightweight and heavy duty tripod dolly with adjustable leg mounts and wheel locks. The one step lock, locks the wheels easily and Non Marring wheels move smoothly on any hard surface.

Buyers Guide
  • “I purchased a dolly for this camera and it worked out well because it is used on a smooth carpeted floor.” – Robert Ralston
  • “I needed a trucking shot and it was perfect for the job.” – Rick James
  • “The wheel action was very smooth.” – Michael Jacobi

Glide Gear Syl-960 Tripod Track Dolly with Swivel Wheels
Glide Gear

The SYL-960 Elite Camera Track Dolly Hybrid from Glide Gear features swivel & slide wheels. It is machined from aircraft grade 6061 anodized aluminum alloy to very tight tolerances for maximum precision and strength.

Product Research
  • “Second, the main swivel wheels (not the TRACK wheels) are garbage.” – Jared W
  • “This dolly is very flexible and very sturdy.” – R Coley Taylor
  • “It is great for transportation and storage because it came with an awesome carry bag.” – Kyle

Tiffen W3 Universal Folding Dolly with Handle

This Universal folding dolly is adjustable to fit most tripods. Easily attached and remove, it folds down to a convenient compact size of 24×7 and has a convenient carry handle.

Product Reviews
  • “Quite happy with the product, very sturdy, excellent wheels, well worth the trouble for anyone who does video and is on a budget.” – M. Barrera
  • “I highly recommend purchasing this dolly as well as adding the pneumatic wheels.” – Rexomus
  • “When the wheels are unlocked by the touch of your toe the dolly rolls really smooth…I wont set up without it.” – M. McDonald

CowboyStudio Professional Tripod Dolly Used is Photography and Videography, with Handle and Carrying Case

Folds down to 57cm (22.5″). Weighs 2.4kg (5.3 lbs). Adjustable to fit any Tripod. Adjustable foot locks to lock the tripod down. Wheel locks on all 3 wheels. Metal wheels with nylon “tires”. …

Product Reviews
  • “It dollys great, and gives you the shots you need when you need a tracking or dolly shot.” – t3dgulyas
  • “It’s super lightweight and very easy to use.” – Jonathan Ziegler
  • “Also great for wheeling around big light stands in the studio. i have put well over 50 lbs on this and it rolled smoothly.” – g

Pearstone DWL-2 Universal Tripod Dolly

The Pearstone DWL-2 Universal Tripod Dolly presents a simple, affordable way to put your tripod on wheels. The dolly features 2 ball-bearing metal/rubber wheels that feature revolving assemblies.

Expert Advice
  • “Makes moving those steady shots a blast!” – VideoMan
  • “This is a nice, compact dolly.” – Rebecca
  • “We definitely picked a winner.” – Stephen Cooper

Polaroid Universal Foldable Tripod Dolly With Handle And Deluxe Carrying Case For Camcorders And Cameras

The Polaroid Tripod Dolly is designed to work with most tripods. It Allows you to achieve steady shots either locked in place or rolling along a smooth hard surface, perfect for weddings, reception halls, family gatherings and more.

Tripod Dolly with Pivoting Wheels for Curved or Straight Track
Merlin Dolly

[NO TRACK INCLUDED] Rotating wheel trucks. Can be used on PVC, metal or flexible curved tracks from 1 to 2.5 diameter.

Portable Tripod Dolly With Carrying Case For The Canon XH-A1, XH-A1S, XH-G1, XL-1S, XL1, XL2, XL-H1, GL2, GL1, XM2, XM1 Mini Dv Camcorders

The tripod dolly includes 2.5 hard rubber wheels and locks. It folds easily for storage in the included zippered case.

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